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How R&D tax credit can change your business and way more in our particular stay occasion with ForrestBrown

Most business leaders aren’t aware of the transformational power that R&D tax credits could provide to their companies. We teamed up with specialist R&D tax credit consultancy ForrestBrown for a very special live event on the topic.

We spoke to ForrestBrown technical director Jenny Tragner. She’s specialised in R&D tax credits for well over a decade, making her of the UK’s foremost experts in research and development tax relief. Jenny also sits on HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee.

Jenny has also recently worked with the chartered institute of taxation to produce new guidance on professional standards for R&D tax advisers, which were published in June. She works with both companies and accountants to make sure that they truly understand the intricacies of the R&D tax incentive.

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In this discussion we covered the following questions:

  • Why are R&D tax credits so important for UK businesses?
  • R&D can be a confusing topic for most, so could you take us through its official definition?
  • How much could R&D tax credits be worth to a company?
  • What is the process for making a claim and how long could business expect this process to take?
  • How would you say that businesses could get the most value out of their R&D tax credits and can they have a long-term impact?
  • What are your top tips for maximising value when looking at both R&D tax incentives and other forms of funding?
  • What should my business be doing now to protect the value of next year’s R&D claim?
  • We’re spending a lot of money on health and safety to get our business ready after lockdown. Could any of these measures be classed as R&D?

Would you like to watch the full video? Email us at for access to the full video.

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