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Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways for people to stay abreast of trends and issues while building their base of specialist knowledge. They have the advantage of offering analysis and insights in accessible form – even while travelling, driving or commuting.

Yet it can be difficult to find the best in a crowded field. Here is a selection of 10 great podcasts that are useful, insightful and entertaining in a range of fields.

How I Work 

Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist and author. She is also the founder of Inventium, a successful innovation consulting firm. 

In her popular podcasts, she interviews entrepreneurs, company directors, and media figures – even a person who gave up a successful business career to become a magician. 

The common theme is “how I work”, explaining work routines, productivity tricks, and attitudes. Imber, while knowledgeable on the technical side, brings a sense of humour, which makes for an entertaining as well as informative package.

Dear HBR

This interesting site takes questions about workplace issues and then expands the inquiry into a broad discussion, with two editors of Harvard Business Review, Alison Beard and Dan McGinn, interviewing a specialist in the field. 

The guests include academics, authors and business practitioners. Beard and McGinn keep the conversation moving, and although most of the podcasts are about 30 minutes, they seem much shorter. Listen to the interview with author Daniel Pink on successful career moves. 

Business Addicts

This website is run by two energetic women, Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding, who between them have a good range of business experience. 

Their focus is mainly on SMEs but the interviews cover issues as varied as stress management, franchising, branding, using Facebook for e-business and emerging media technology. The guests, mainly successful entrepreneurs, keep it practical, usually finishing with a summary of their views and advice. 

Future Squared

The future can sometimes look like it’s just one problem after another, but Melbourne-based Steve Glaveski sees it in optimistic terms, and the people he interviews largely share his attitude. 

Glaveski, who has written several well-received books, mixes “thought leader” discussions about what lies ahead with guests who offer practical advice. There is a useful navigation system, with some particularly interesting pieces in the section on human performance and productivity.

The Economists

The Economists is a segment on ABC Radio National, but its timing means many people in business miss hearing it live. 

Fortunately, the interviews are available as podcasts, with finance journalist Peter Martin and academic Gigi Foster tackling topical issues with guests. 

Some of the podcasts are general, such as examining Australia’s medium-term prospects, while others look at specialised subjects such as the interaction of climate policy and energy options.

Australian Investors

The past decade has seen the investment field become a labyrinth of new products and strategies, and this site provides useful insights to make sense of it. 

The podcasts involve interviews between site organiser Owen Raszkiewicz and some of Australia’s leading investors, who discuss their philosophies, stories and tips. 

There is also a related series of podcasts on personal finance, covering subjects such as ethical investment and planning for big expenses.

Future of Asia

Consulting firm McKinsey has a large digital presence, with a section dedicated to business in Asia. 

The site has many blog articles, but there is also a good selection of podcast interviews with senior McKinsey figures. 

Recent videos, featuring specialists in McKinsey’s Australian branch, deal with trends in profitability in the region, and how firms operating in Asia can build value. 

These interviews require careful listening but offer critical insights.

Flying Solo

This site, aimed at people running micro or small businesses, has been up and running for long enough to accrue a wealth of podcast material. 

However, it has not lost its freshness, with site organisers Robert Gerrish and Lucy Kippist attracting a steady list of interesting guests. Most of the interviewees are successful entrepreneurs, but there are also experts in various fields. 

There is good advice here for anyone either running a small business or advising those who do.

Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Lush is a Perth-based consulting firm that specialises in communications and content strategy. The podcasts are mainly aimed at linking content issues with larger business goals. 

There are interviews on branding techniques, managing email lists, and B2B communication ideas. The discussion with author Donna McGeorge on how to conduct effective meetings is especially interesting and useful.

The Mentor

Mark Bouris is a well-known figure in the Australian business landscape, and in this series he draws upon his wide experience to speak with business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Some entrepreneurs have turned a hobby into a thriving business, while others have observed a market need to be met. With each interview about 50 minutes, Bouris can delve into the story, often focusing on the problems faced and how they were overcome.

CPA Australia podcasts

CPA Australia has it own podcast channel, featuring interviews with sector experts and industry thought leaders. From career management guidance to business case studies and updates on regulation changes, the topics are wide-ranging.

Here are 8 picks from CPA Australia’s podcast channel:

David Murray FCPA on financial advice, leadership and returning to CPA Australia
David Murray AO FCPA, chairman of financial services company AMP, speaks about the state of financial advice and the challenges leaders face during major periods of transformation.

Lead with purpose, not just position
Leadership speaker and author Shane Michael Hatton believes leading with purpose is about inspiring and motivating people to work together towards an end goal that’s much larger than themselves. 

How to manage a good work-life balance
In the continuing pursuit of a good work-life balance, this podcast delves into research that can provide new insight and techniques.

Career skills revisited: Microsoft Excel for accountants
In this edition of CPA Australia’s career skills podcast series, Excel expert Neale Blackwood CPA explains useful Excel shortcuts for everyday workplace use. 

Current and future developments in IFRS
IASB board member Ann Tarca and CPA Australia’s policy adviser for reporting, Ram Subramanian, discuss current and future developments in IFRS.

Future Thinkers: Inspiring stories of leadership and innovation in business
The Future Thinkers series features the stories of CPA Australia members who have progressed their careers by honing leadership qualities and driving innovation. This series is also available as part of Qantas Airlines’ in-flight entertainment. 

The future of money: digital payment and the future of e-commerce
Two senior CPAs describe the significant role that fintech will play in the future of money, while demystifying some of the misconceptions about the field and highlighting the skills CPAs will be able to bring to the table.

Housing market update: Where are we are where are we heading? 
What does the future hold for Australia’s property market? Podcast host Bobby Papadopoulos discusses burning questions with William Young CPA, the executive director of China Orient Summit Capital.

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