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Entrepreneur Jake Tayler Jacobs Shares 5 Tricks to Assist Optimize Your Enterprise

The power of destiny plays a key role that many of us refuse to believe in. Jake Tayler Jacobs’ life is a true reflection of the fact that fate is pre-decided and we are destined to reach where we are expected to be. Jake has been educating families and college students on the topic of financial literacy since 2012. Though he was passionate about teaching on the topics of legacy building and financial freedom, Jake never thought in a million years would have thought to build a business in the financial industry especially since he went to school to be a  teacher of physical education. Jake’s break in the entrepreneurial world came in 2016 when he built his financial firm on 7 napkins in a local Applebee’s.

Since then, the company has evolved into a finance and business consulting firm with clients in more than ten countries and still counting. He and his team of superheroes are building one of the most trusted black-owned consulting firms in the country. Jake is focused on creating a company that will be able to offer opportunities to people of color and help them excel financially. So, seeing a huge disparity in growing profitable minority-owned businesses, Jake has made it his mission to change the world by helping families become financially independent and secure. So, what does Jake consults his client on? In an interesting conversation, Jake outlines five tips integral to any business that is seeking to grow profitably.

Integral steps to make a business embark on the route to profitability

For Jake, the primary first step comes in undertaking the strategizing and planning step.  Jake helps businesses plan and strategically execute their respective visions. The second step comprises of sharing models for driving efficiency in clients’ businesses by automating the business sales processes and workflows through integrating automation systems and processes. Then comes the stage of educating businesses on how to properly build a companies’ long-term value through a strategic finance management flow. He then advises them to set up a private banking system within the organizations’ money cycle. He also provides business and marketing audits to find the areas of improvement the company can make to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes and systems in order to ultimately increase the company’s bottom line. But that is not all. Jake’s company also provides team-training solutions whereby he implements talent development solutions to improve the performance and results of his clients’ teams, departments, and overall organizations. He also offers his clients an array of technology solutions from companies he partners with to SAAS products that his company creates to ensure that all his clients’ have an edge in their respective industries.

Giving an edge to clients’ businesses

To stay abreast with the changing times, Jake also provides customized offerings as per his client’s requirements.  For those who want a more DIY (Do it yourself) option, Jakes offers online courses and curriculum to learn industry best practices. This acts as a much most cost-effective solution vis-à-vis hiring Jake’s comprehensive consultancy services. This benefits those who are on a limited budget. “Our online courses have been our biggest hit, especially during Covid. Because so many people were affected by Covid and had more time to sit and learn on their own, versus hiring us to do it for them. Because of our courses, we have been able to grow our firm to reach customers and clients in over 10 countries now,” states Jakes when asked about the value his online courses provide to his clients.

Road ahead

At present, there are 23 members in Jake’s team – 12 full-time and 11 part-time employees. He has worked with 4000+ small start-up businesses and has more than 3347 people currently enrolled in his online business and finance academy, The ABS Institute. His turnover stands at 2+ million dollars a year in business. Jake is currently listed on the Forbes Business Council.

In the next five years, Jake plans to enter into the tech space a competing force in the emerging finance, tech, and business development consulting firm space.

Published December 29th, 2020

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