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Enterprise psychologist helps youngsters deal with Covid-19

Stockport-based business psychologist Matt Smeed has a solution to help children understand and combat Covid-19 with a team of online heroes: the Anti-Baddies.

While Matt’s main role is the delivery of wellbeing and resilience workshops to businesses via his Stockport-based consultancy Sisu Psychology, he developed the toolkit to support his own children. Matt went on to produce a unique online magazine for the characters.

The colourful Anti-Baddies team includes: Limber Leopard, Brainy Bunny and Mindful Moggie. Each of the superheroes having a unique set of skills to help children build the mental and physical fitness to cope with the challenges that families are facing right now.

Since the launch in March 2020, the Anti-Baddies have had over 6,000 views and hundreds of comments praising the content.

The resource has since been shared within many organisations, including Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber NHS Trust.

Commenting on the public reaction, Business Psychologist Matt said:

It started out as a bit of fun over a weekend with my kids, creating this band of superheroes that I could use to explain the virus in a supportive and engaging way.

“It then dawned on me that others might find it useful to others and so I posted it online.

“I’ve been delighted with the response, especially how it seems to have helped our key workers in the NHS, who are working so hard to look after us. If what I’ve put together contributes even a small part to their wellbeing, then it has to be worth it”.

Since the launch of Anti-Baddies, people have also commented on how relevant the tips can be for adults as well. The toolkit includes a set of practical exercises that anyone can do to help build resilience and wellbeing in difficult times.

The Anti-Baddies toolkit is completely free and can be accessed via the SISU Psychology website.

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