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Enterprise coach shares management ideas, life classes on podcast

By Canton Citizen

Dave Turano, a business consultant with his own firm, JCE Group, specializes in communication coaching. He works with companies who hire him to train and develop leadership teams among their staff. At home, he spends a good amount of time talking to his wife, Crissy, about his job. In June of last year, Chrissy suggested to her husband that he start to record his thoughts and ideas for others via a podcast.

Dave Turano

“My wife, for years, had to listen to me talk about what I do for a living,” Turano said. “She wanted me to put something out there rather than repeat the same thing, something to give people some help. The podcast is a safe, comfortable way to get to know me.”

He took his wife’s advice, went out to his backyard, and recorded himself talking about something that had come up in his life or something related to business. He also talked about things in such a way that he felt he had simplified his thoughts and a listener could walk away with a better understanding of the topic. He gave the recording to Crissy to edit and upload to a hosting site. When Crissy went to upload it, they discovered that Turano needed to give the podcast a name. His choice was Cut Through the Noise (CTTN).

Turano explained that the name refers to the many thoughts that run through a person’s mind and make it challenging to focus. “What is it that I’m doing?” he said. “We’re not actually dealing with what’s in front of us. I label that as noise. I want them to eliminate all that stuff that’s getting in the way of making a good decision or having a good relationship.”

Turano spent several years working in staffing and brings that experience to his podcast topics. “Ninety percent of what I put out is leadership-based,” he said. “How to apply discipline and leadership in your life, hiring someone, terminating someone, building and maintaining trust with people. It’s business centric; it’s people centric. It’s about communication.”

Turano’s first podcasts included his ideas on Discipline and Confidence, Sales vs. Delivery, and Dos and Don’ts on managing a poor performer. After a few months of working on his own, he decided to invite guests to record a conversation with him. His first guest was Jay Brunetti from HireAlliance, a longtime client and friend.

“He was the first guest, because I felt deep down that we could have a conversation,” Turano said. Their conversation is called “No Value, No Trust, No Client Relationship.”

He has spoken with other clients, including Art Pappas, the founder and CEO of Bullhorn. Recently, Turano talked with Katie McCabe, the president of Beacon Intermodal Leasing on her experience as the first female CEO in the history of the shipping history and how she is leading a global organization during the COVID-19 pandemic. An upcoming guest is Kevin Schlehuber, who has appeared on the CBS program Big Brother. Schlehuber is a Boston native who loves being the father of seven and has gone through cancer treatment. Turano got to know Schlehuber when Turano’s nephew began dating one of Schlehuber’s daughters. Turano wants to focus on the changes in Schlehuber’s life and how he deals with them.

Turano uses a platform called Libsyn to follow how many people are listening to his conversations, where they are, and which topics are resonating with people. He has found that he has listeners in 40 states and 17 countries, and that his conversation called Stop Complaining was particularly popular.

After the shutdown last spring due to the coronavirus, Turano spoke on topics related to what many people were experiencing. He talked about working from home, the uncertainties that people were facing, and the experience of being furloughed. He said he is open to talking to anybody and wants to continue to bring a diversity of guests to CTTN.

Turano also said he would love to be able go back in time and have a conversation with someone from the past who affected his present life. “How did we get to where we are?” he said. “What choices did you make? To have that view into that would be fascinating.”

Turano has recorded about 50 conversations since he started what he calls his hobby. “There’s good conversation out there,” Turano said. “There’s a lot to learn out there. There’s a lot of perspectives out there. I’m so interested in everybody. As long as the person feels at ease, I’m interested in talking to them. This is a platform for people to connect in a meaningful way.”

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