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Consulting Agency Launches to Turn out to be Champion for Companies of All Sizes – Press Launch

RALEIGH, N.C. – July 28, 2020 – (

The Kingman Consulting Group is a veteran and minority-owned consulting firm that focuses on developing growth strategies for businesses by conducting deep dives into their business processes and key consumer behaviors. Using their unique strategy process, the Kingman Consulting Group commits to delivering full-scale business transformation plans for their clients within 90 days. 

Each client that contracts with the Kingman Consulting Group receives a 30-day money back guarantee to decide if they are comfortable moving forward with the full three-month engagement, and all payments are refundable up unto that point.

Brian Kabisa, the Founder of the Kingman Consulting Group, states that he started this consultancy to provide support for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Brian said, “I come from a fairly large global firm and saw many small organizations struggle to change course when COVID hit. They needed consultants but were just too small to afford a firm of our size, so I built a firm for all”.

The Kingman Consulting Group does not filter their desired clientèle by industry, employee size, or even historical revenue. Instead, Kingman offers free 30-minute consultations with every interested business to determine if their organization is a fit based on their specific needs and desired targets. From there, Kingman provides flexible pricing that offers discounted rates to smaller organizations to create greater accessibility. “If we can help a business, 9/10 times we will,” states Brian. We operate completely remotely using video conferencing which allows us to save on some of the overhead. 

In addition to their free-consultations, the Kingman Consulting Group also launched a YouTube channel titled “Kingman TV” in order to provide additional business tips and thought leadership to support businesses that are trying to make sense of how to grow their organization in the face of the current market uncertainty.

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Consulting Firm Launches to Become Champion for Businesses of All Sizes

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