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Local entrepreneur, author and speaker Lori Anna Harrison is sharing her secret to success on a global scale. Originally planning to travel the world and deliver her program in person, Harrison has adapted her presentation to an online format amidst travel and health concerns surrounding the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.

On April 14, Harrison led a virtual program at the American Center Cairo (ACC), part of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt that focuses on outreach to Egyptian audiences on topics of American policy, culture, society and values. Developed by Harrison, “Pursue Your Passion: Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Excellence” focuses on how entrepreneurship and excellence can be built on philanthropy, higher education, spirituality and networking.

“Our American Center Cairo audience was so keen to attend the program,” said ACC Director Eman Mansour. “We have hundreds who registered to attend, but we couldn’t accept more than 45 to make the program more engaging. Very good questions were asked to Lori, and her answers were so informative.”

As a result, the ACC asked her to prepare additional lessons in response to increased demand for online learning from audiences spending more time at home. Harrison will develop programs for e-marketing and business financial literacy to present at a later date and eventually turn them into online courses available to wider audiences throughout the world.

One Degree of Separation

The catalyst of her partnership with the ACC was Harrison’s soon-to-be-released book, “One Degree of Separation,” a passion project that touches on the same key themes of her speaking program. Candidly recounting the sometimes rocky and often amazing moments that have made up her extraordinary life, Harrison shares the path from her teen years as a small-town girl full of ambition to her thriving career as a successful entrepreneur.

In her book, she writes, “We can all likely identify with that instant when we say to ourselves, ‘What am I doing?’ It’s like waking up from a dream and realizing that we only have one life to live and the thing that was working for us for so many years is no longer the right course of action. The next step is one that takes courage: recognizing when one journey has ended so another can begin.”

Along with personal insight, Harrison includes interviews with a number of high-powered and widely diverse friends and associates who have effectively navigated the path to business success. Readers get a glimpse into the minds of entrepreneurs across such varied industries as yacht servicing, jewelry making, hospitality and real estate as Harrison explores the common success factors that show up in high achievers and offers tips on how to incorporate these factors into everyday life and business.

In “One Degree of Separation,” Harrison introduces readers to resilient and giving entrepreneurs like retired multi-million-dollar organic gardening business owner Kayla Sharp:

“Kayla Sharp sits on the floor in her garage in the kind of contorted fashion that gives away her past as a gifted gymnast. The thin, athletic brunette with the perky bob is the picture of tranquility and all things Zen as she peacefully decorates small river rocks and transforms them into smooth granite love notes with the stroke of her paintbrush.

“But don’t be fooled by this artist’s tender demeanor and relaxed disposition. Kayla’s mode of operation is ‘Just Do.’ She ‘Just Did’ an intense entrepreneurial tour of duty and has put herself on a comfortable leave.”

Mask-Maker, Community Builder

Even with her considerable change of travel plans, Harrison says she sees the current situation as a chance to continue putting her values into practice. In addition to offering marketing assistance to small businesses doing good for the community, she has temporarily relocated from Scottsdale to Flagstaff, where she volunteers with a small group creating handmade masks for Flagstaff Medical Center. While chatting with other small business owners and university students volunteering, Harrison has gained new insight into the specifics of what potential learners would want to see in her online business and marketing courses.

“I hope to inspire others through my experiences,” she said. “My values have helped me live an extraordinary life, and they are only more important now. I’m blessed to be part of uplifting networks focused on creating educational opportunities and giving back to those in need.”

Harrison is the founder and CEO of DLP Marketing, a full-service agency offering a range of tailor-made marketing solutions built around unique industry and business needs. DLP creates customized strategies to maximize marketing reach and market share for clients from every sphere with budgets on every scale. Services include digital and print marketing, web design, graphic design and brand and image consulting. Combining branding, content and connections, DLP is dedicated to producing products that exceed expectations and add demonstrated value.

Harrison was raised in Flagstaff, attended Coconino High School and earned her undergraduate degree in accountancy at Northern Arizona University. This month, she delivered the convocation virtually for NAU first-generation students. FBN

By Bonnie Stevens, FBN

To learn more about “One Degree of Separation,” visit To inquire about booking Harrison for speaking events, call 480-460-0996 or email

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