Michael Ruge



  • 1981 - Present Founder/President

    Businesses started or managed to include Self storage, warehousing, eBay expert both selling for maximum return and buying wholesale to save money.
  • Feb 1982 - PresentAuthor / Self Storage and Records Adviser / Head Trainer

    Helping mini storage owners add Records storage to their existing business. Self Storage and Records Storage development. Real Estate Development. Repurpose land and old buildings. Training , Consulting, advising, Marketing ,systems implementation. Crisis management and turnarounds Helping large companies organize their in house records more efficiently Provides best business practices, skills, tools, and resources to owners of Self Storage, , or related businesses to develop, expand, and sell Records Storage / Records Management as a low-risk, high profit, ancillary service.
  • 1983 - PresentEco-Advisor

    All Ways Solutions Dates EmployedJun 1983 – Present Employment Duration35 yrs LocationVictoria, BC, Canada Providing problem resolution consulting expertise for more than 30 years.
    We have helped business owners and CEOs of all sizes of companies.
    We know problem-solving. Before you spend money and more time on a critical problem or issue, whether its internal or external operation business processes, a specific project at hand, employee retention or recruiting practices, or optimization, consider All Ways Solutions. We analyze the issue and solve the problem. All Ways Solutions provides skilled, often industry-specific experts who will work on-site to help you solve the problem, affordably and timely.
  • 1991 - 1994 Manager

    Jardin Del Sol Hotel and Resort manager
  • 1995 -2001 Head Driving Instructor

    Private Hedge Fund Research Investment opportunities
  • 2009 - PresentEco Advisor

    Employment Duration9 yrs Location worldwide offering JV's ,management and development to people wanting to convert existing buildings or land into cash generating automated storage facilities
  • Feb 2007 - Feb 2009 Advisor Eco and Charity

    • Developer for Eco Communities in Belize
    • Turned around distressed resort in Dominican Republic.
    • Established one of the first bottled water companies in Ontario, Canada and took it public.
    • Owned the Kitchener Kickers of the Canadian Soccer League (CSL)
    • Turned around many industrial / commercial and residential properties (some abandoned).
    • transformed 1 into 23 occupied, rental-income business suites.
    • Built and grew video store from "0" to $600,000 on annual sales. Helped in organizing 94,000 volunteers that immunized 86 million children in India within two weeks.
    • Set up microcredit banks in Africa and Central America
    • Built race cars, trucks and motorcycles
    • Managed vehicle fleets
  • Jun 2010 - Jun 2014Eco Advisor

    LocationVancouver Island BC Canada Affordable , Safe , Sustainable , Disaster Proof Homes for ALL
    35 year proven design that looks like regular concrete but uses half the amount yet has full strength half the environmental impact and goes up much faster with far less construction site mess
  • 2013Marketing Advisor

    • Grew client to 500,000 members in 4 years without advertising
    • Guided client to a top ten site
    • Led marketing for online casino start up from zero to $7.6 million a month by year two.
    • Managed a $650,000 advertising budget.
    • Built foundation for a call and data center from 9 people to over 100 full time and 400 during peak project seasons. Averaged 18,000 customers weekly.
    • Consultant to a "Stop Children from Smoking" federal charity. Guided CEO from start-up through database software creation and signing up 2000 children.
    • Developed internet brand marketing strategies for hotels and resorts achieving page 1 status on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.
    • Supervised, trained and mentored up to 100 + staff.
    • Pioneer in the prepaid calling card industry.
    • Motivational speaker up to 1,000 + attendees.
    • Organized highly successful international trade shows achieving 500% spikes.
    • Coordinated press coverage through press releases and articles in newspapers andmagazines achieving 1000% + spikes over ads RE/MAX Belize positioned website at the top of Google in 3months.
    • Provided the strategic guidance needed to publicly list numerous companies
    • Founded a telecommunications company, took public and brought it to a market value of $100 million.
  • 2000 – 2004 Head Driving Instructor

    BigFoot Safari Train people on how to be safer drivers in their daily lives. Racing skills. Coordinate events. Team building exercises. Wilderness survival.